Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone - the line up!

Last November 2006, I had a lot of fun visting with some neat people camping for a PlayStation 3.

Back in the seventies, I camped out in line overnight at the Omni in Atlanta for four tickets to see Beatle George Harrison. The tour was subsequently cancelled as he lost his voice during the tour. And it was cold!

The other time was to see the Rolling Stones at the Fox Theatre, also in Atlanta. That was more fun. It was on a Saturday morning plus I drove a Chevy Van at the time with a sectional couch inside, and so the wait was comfortable. My friend Stan had enough administrative skills to buy a roll of tickets to set up a voucher system. Thus, we could mill around, leave and come back as the crowd consensus was to line up in order two hours before the tickets went on sale.

And Woodstock? - That was a long time ago and a different story.

Today is the day that Apple Fans have been anticipating - the iPhone.

So early this morning, I ventured out the the Nashville Apple Store and got to visit with some nice folks -

Let's say hi to:

The first iPhone dude in line!

Patrick arrived at 4:20 am. He loves the quality of Apple products and was hooked after seeing Steve Jobs' keynote on the iPhone. 1st call on his iPhone? His stepdad to "rub it in"...

Patrick's friend Adam arrived at 4:20 also. He's giving up his Motorola phone for the iPhone.

1st call on his iPhone? "Work"... Might be good to let them know!

Meet Devin. He arrived soon after to claim the number three spot. He has a Blackberry.

1st call on his iPhone? His friend whose wife won't let him get an iPhone. Yup, making a mortgage payment takes precendent.

Benji has been rocking out with some iTunes since 4:45 am.

Why an iPhone? One word: "MacJunkie"

1st call on his iPhone? His mom-in-law (protecting the favorite son-in-law status... I would!)

And here's Megan who gets the employee of the year award.

She caught the 5:15 to stand in for her boss who works at a recording studio (probably sound asleep!) Megan will hopefully catch some overtime pay, if not a raise on her next paycheck.

Meanwhile around the corner at Cingular... it is H O T outside.

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mashby said...


I ran by the Cingular/AT&T store yesterday in Cool Springs and at 1pm there were three people in line and very excited about getting their hands on an iPhone.

mdave said...

Hey Kerry! Dave from the with an update. The Apple store is closed and they blocked the windows while the setup is done. The line is all the way past Sharper Image. I'm still live blogging until the end.

Kerry Woo said...

Thanks Dave!
I'll rejoin the iPhone crowd later tonight after 10 pm to close at midnight...

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know if Megan would like to go out tonight...

Rob Robinson said...

That first photo is fabulous, Kerry. Nice work. I'll be sticking with my 755p, but I'm excited to hear more about the iPhone post launch. Thanks for a glimpse into the craziness. :)

mashby said...

Hickory Hollow Mall has about 20 or so lined up. Cingular/AT&T closed the store at 4:30pm. Pictures in route to you Kerry.