Thursday, June 28, 2007

iPhone line starts here!

Unlike New York, here in Nashville, Tennessee it's very quiet the evening before the expected multitudes decend upon the jammed packed Hillsboro Road in Green Hills leading to the Cingular store or the Apple store inside the Green Hills Mall.

If I can get my carcass up at 5 am, then I'll take a few photos of the first ten people in line. The Mall at Green Hills is set to open at 5 am with the Apple store opening at 10:00 am. The crazy thing is that they will close at 2 pm to reset the store, train the employees, roll out the monolith display... and then open at 6 pm.

The oversized iPhone displays look awesome in the windows; inside all of the laptops have the iPhone screens shots touting July 29. "Touch Your Music" is one theme I saw playing.

Just less than two miles away is the Cingular store (no signage change yet) all dark and quiet. I doubt that there will be a line forming... No parking, little to no lobby space, and standing outside in humid Nashville weather is no fun... especially when the alternative is air conditioning and restrooms inside the mall.

Check out the Apple display... inside the Cingular store...

These Apple displays are amazing...

As they scroll though the screen shots...

Am I getting an iPhone? NOPE; I rather have a window display unit!

Meanwhile I'll just be content with the iPhoney skin on the Treo 650 & 680... and the 20" iMac. I've been using the Samsung Blackjack which I love, so I'll catch the iPhone down the road at some point.

Stay iTuned for an update in the morning...

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