Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back in Catholic School

Ever have those time warp flashbacks when you revisit your childhood? Yeah, yeah...

I had the priviledge of being in a kindergarten classroom at a Catholic school last weekend and two things that I have never understood in my early childhood when I attended Catholic school in Washington, DC - In first & second grade, I use to constantly get my knuckles rapped with a wooden ruler by a nun during prayer time because my hands were below my belt... AND I never understood why we couldn't talk during lunch time. If caught talking, we were made to stand up in the middle of the gym floor to eat our lunch standing up in front of the other kids silently eating their brown bag lunches on the bleachers.

One more thing - why did my mom (who worked fulltime) have to bake cupcakes for a internal fundraiser when all of the other kids' moms did the same thing? We were just buying from each other... be much easier just to bring some cash eh?

Anyway when I saw this:

I thought of this joke:

A little girl is failing math, so her father decides to enroll her in Catholic school with the hopes of improving her grades.

During the first quarter, the girl refuses to play with her friends or even eat dessert after dinner in order to have more time to study.

On report card day, her father is astonished to see she earned an A+ in math.

“Why the sudden change of attitude about math?” her father inquires. “Do the nuns punish you?”

“No,” the girl replies, “but when I saw the little man on the wall nailed to the plus sign, I knew that this school was very serious about math!”

Jesus, I repent!

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