Monday, May 21, 2007

I Am Not Worthy!

I turned kinda old May 8th... well let me explain:

Some people I talk to think that I look much younger than my true age; when I tell Mrs. WonderDawg that I was engaged in a conversation with someone that thought I was thirty or so, she just looks at me with an incredulous response, "So, what teenager have you been talking to today?"

I was recently strolling down Broadway, when I was summoned by R2-D2 or "Artoo" to take a knee and recieve a gift from a really cool friend in Texas (who will go unnamed, but my friend is a very giving person of their time, talents and humor!)

(click the picture to embiggen)

To my amazement, the gift bestowed upon me straight from R2-D2's belly is a LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer with 1366 pieces! Note that ages 9 - 14 can build this LEGO kit. Obviously, I'm young enough to handle this gift with care.

Look for a unboxing posting soon as I build this Imperial Star Destroyer now that all of the season ending TV shows are wrappng up. All of a sudden, I find myself with ten extra hours a week to focus my eyesballs elsewhere.

I will cherish this gift always - thank you, thank you, thank you, my friend - I am not worthy!

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