Monday, February 26, 2007

Where are the men?

Challenging Men to be Bold Followers of Jesus Christ

In 1991, Promise Keepers asked the question, "Where are the men?" The increasing rates of fatherlessness, abuse, absenteeism from church, and overall male passivism in spiritual things prompted the organization to call men together to worship Jesus Christ and to learn what a godly man is and how he thinks, lives, and relates to his Lord and others. Through these intervening years the impact has been immense. Now, sixteen years later, this question can be asked more fervently through the lens of the Seven Promises: Where are the men?

For info on the Nashville and other conference cities, visit the Promise Keepers link

and if you want to get involved on a local basis, make the jump over to the local PK Nashville blog, the definitive source of information about the conference including status updates, the latest news, helpful links, and contact information for the leadership team and volunteers.

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