Monday, February 12, 2007

Late night hunger pangs

The ladies of the house were out shopping all night and left me with no motive to cook my customary meat 'n' three... So I nuked some Hot Pockets for my dining pleasure.

Two hours later, I'm still trying to Scope out the awful taste of Hot Pockets (Turkey, Broccolli & Cheese) out of my mouth...

I'm very hungry.

It's 11:43 pm. I should go to bed, but I'm somewhat not ready for what dreams await me. It may be a task or project that requires measuring and power tools - I sometimes dream of projects to do, so I wake up totally obsessed of visiting Home Depot before my first cup of coffee.

And I shouldn't eat this late at night - Waffle House (smokers welcomed !) or some truck stop thirty miles down the highway doesn't appeal to me....

Neither does standing in line twelve deep with the riff-raff at WalMart with five food items in my hand behind the lady with a fifty items needing a CSR's approval on a out of state check.

Peanut butter, bananas and mayo on white bread sounds good; but I have no bananas.

Red-eyed gravy with sausage and bagels sounds good too.

One dozen jelly donuts will make my tummy hurt.

The taco pizza I ate Sunday night was pretty good - I'll just go to sleep on that culinary thought.

Good night!

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orangejack said...

You should watch this YouTube vid about Hot Pockets: