Monday, February 26, 2007

Day 56 of 365 photos in 2007

Day 56 of 365 photos in 2007... photojournaling my way thru 2007!

Mmmm, I'd like a banana split in a cup, small chocolate milkshake and large strawberry milkshake to go please.

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megan said...

HA! I actually stopped at Sonic this morning on my way to work--which I never do--because I had a craving for a Cherry Limeaid.

Sharon Cobb said...

Okay. This photo is Lola by The Kinks.

To paraphrase, "Well I'm not dumb but I can't understand why it looks like a phone but sits like a can..."

I give. What is it?

Kerry Woo said...

Hi Sharon!

This is a drive up credit/debit card payment kiosk - above is the menu - press, order and pay from your car at Sonic ... Where you drink Limeaids and it tastes just like cherry-cola, C-o-l-a cola, L-o-l-a lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola.

Try the slush drink if you're ever in the mood for a brain freeze!

Sharon Cobb said...

Talk about "Isn't it ironic, don't ya think?"
Honestly, I thought it was a new phone/computer.
Of course now, I REALLY want to drive through Sonic now.
So, I will, if nothing else than to get a slush and see this contraption for myself.

Kerry Woo said...

Hi Sharon - don't drive while drinking a slush - just warning you!