Saturday, January 06, 2007

What's a Cowboys Fan to Do?

SEATTLE - The stars had been aligned for the Cowboys to pull off an improbable playoff win here at Qwest Field.

But quarterback Tony Romo bobbled the snap of a potential game-winning field goal and was stopped short of the first-down marker, allowing the Seattle Seahawks to escape with an improbable 21-20 wild-card win Saturday night.
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Ok, I repent... it's just a football game. I did all the things to set the Cowboys up to win against the Seahawks - I shifted places on the sofa, wore the lucky shirt, ate a ton of homemade mac 'n' cheese, stayed focused on the stats, TIVO'ed the game...

My son Gary called me from Seattle when I was at the two minute warning part of the game.

I yelled out on the phone, "Gary! Don't tell me the score! I'm still watching!"

"Ok, call me back..."

So I'm watching the game unfold with the Cowboys 2nd and 10 at the ten yard line with 2 minutes left! Could it be that Gary is calling me to congratulate me on a big win? With Seattle leading 21 to 20, it was simple - score a TD or kick a winning field goal, not knowing what to expect but a victory and advancing to face the Chicago Bears after a thirteen year playoff drought...

But it ain't over until it's over and in the end, rather than a winning kick, I took a mental kick to the head with the mishandled snap.

Understand that I've taken jock abuse for forty three years of my life for being faithful to the Dallas Cowboys. The good times and the bad times and even the worse of times - one and fifteen. But I never jumped off the bandwagon.

There's alway next year! - we'll get our Cowboys fan swagger back; T.O will play for some arena football team; Jerry Jones will have a billion dollar playground for the 'Boys to play in and as always, we have our Tennessee Titans to cheer on with Vince Young!

Could be worse... I could be a long suffering Washington Redskins fan.

Excuse me while I dust off the Cowboy Church hymnal...

Drop kick me Jesus through the goal posts of life
End over end neither left nor to right
Straight through the heart of them righteous uprights
Drop kick me Jesus through the goal posts of life.
- Bobby Bare


Mike Rohde said...

That was a great game, but a heartbreaker for Cowboys fans.

Howeer, yoou could easily look back at Terry Glenn's bobble as the game loser as well -- it's always easy to blame the last bad thing to happen for the loss, when it's the whole performance.

I kinda wonddered if Tony got the 1st down tho -- the ball caused the fumble and it seemed to me he was down inside the 1st down area -- why didn't anyone comment on that?

Mike Rohde said...

the "ground" caused the fumble I meant. :-)

BBTW, I am not far (40 minutes) from Burlington WI where Tony Romo grew up, in case you need any Cowboy's stuff from there Kerry. :-)

Cole said...

Being a lifelong Cowboys fan, I feel your pain, Kerry. That was a tough loss...

Next year will be VERY interesting.

Kerry Woo said...

Thanks Cole! Well at least we got some players in place... I do miss the old dynasty days when certain teams ruled!

Thanks Mike - I'd like to try to get up to Lambeau Field soon to see your Packers play! - Don't think I'm in the market for a Tony Romo lunchbox, but I'll have to swing thru Burlington WI on a road trip just to check out the native son's hometown.

Sharon Cobb said...

I posted about this too...well, as much as I could. I was distraught.
I'm a life long Cowboy Fan, and this was one of the hardest loses ever.

FYI--Drop Kick Me Jesus was written by Paul Craft and recorded by Bare.

Hey, you're like even older than I am, which means if you've been a Cowboy fan as long as I have you remember Roger the dodger and Tony D, and Sure thing Septien.
OOOOOOO I miss those days.

Sharon Cobb said...

PS--I made then singular. I should have typed "CowboyS"