Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cry like a baby

After wallowing in the Cowboys loss to the Seahawks last night by reviewing the TIVO'd game, taking in the commentary from pundits except Deion Sanders and Chris Berman, I'm left holding my analytical football scalpels trying to dissect a dead carcass. Why bother trying to figure out how the Cowboys let this game or even a promising season go down the toilet?

I'm giving myself a concussion thinking about the Cowboys.

I've watched four football games this weekend. (no feeling left in my spine)

I'm watching four football games next weekend. (what bandwagon do I jump on to feign enthusiam?)

Time to drop the cry towel. The NFL has a web site for adult crybabies like me. Answer five questions and a team will be selected for me....

Saints... ugh. Patriots... nope. Chargers... I'm going with the Chargers.

"The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer." - John Madden


ceeelcee said...

Hang in there brother.

I don't think the Chargers will let you down.

Kerry Woo said...

CLC - The Ravens might be a surprise - be cool to see Steve McNair win a Super Bowl...

newscoma said...

But so much better (although I dig VY) to see him in Titans blue.