Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thunder Rolls into Texas

This morning at the Nashville Humane Association, I met up with Rex Hammock, wife Anne and all the way from Austin, Texas, Summer and Cole who are the new adoptive parents of Thunder!

Now I know it's not the same thing, but a little grace please...

I felt like part of a contingent at the airport awaiting the arrival of an adoptive child from Romania, China or Russia... Meeting Summer and Cole was a treat as we had only known each other via Rex's blog.

I'm gonna let Cole and Summer unfold their story as they drive home - so pray for travelin' mercies and a great bonding experience!

I'll alway think of Thunder and Cole & Summer as my heartwarming Christmas Miracle Story of 2006...

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Rex Hammock said...

Here's a Flickr pool of photos Kerry and I took this morning. A fun time had by all.