Friday, December 29, 2006

Time to move this blog ?

Blogger has been great for me since I've sign on with my first post in March of 2005.

I've been able to navigate (and have tons of fun) with adding HTML codes, cross linking to my favorite friends, blogs and resources; expand from Picasso to direct upload of photos to this blog and Flickr and making the switchover as well from PC to Mac.

Lately, it's been a headache with correcting feeds and maximizing the use of Blogger using the Mac - like it or not, it's still a Microsoft world for using the Ctrl functions inside of the Blogger dashboard.

I made the switch to NEW Blogger when Google announced that Blogger was out of BETA. However, I'm encountering bugs while maintaining two blogs on the NEW Blogger - I've haven't done anything on my other OLD Blogger site - I'm not prone to use Windows XP when I want to post an entry here. I've much rather be able to have the flexibility of using this iMac or the laptop running XP to post an entry or load photos.

Anyhoo, I looked at trial versions of WordPress, TypePad and later on, test drive the iMac... but paying $79.00 dollars and up on a yearly basis doesn't appeal to me... and if I do, mapping all the content over doesn't thrill me either.

So i'm being a bit overwhelmed and anal retentive as to what direction I want to move to especially posting a photo a day every day in 2007 on the WonderDawg 365 of 2007 blog.

Bottom line: Blogging should be easy and fun, not a cumbersome process. I rather work on the creativity portion with writing, story telling and photo taking! But I'm too tenacious to drop it, so doggone it, I'm gonna make this NEW Blogger work.

Consider this post as a technical cry for help for somone who just might have a bit too much time on their hands! As I would say to Dr.Phil, the NEW Blogger ain't working for me... at this time.

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Angella said...

I do not like the new blogger, but do not know where to turn. Hope you can take the lead. IT BITES. Good luck in whatever you choose.