Tuesday, November 21, 2006

All Mashed Up

I'm so jazzed about getting the new Beatles "Love" album having listened to it online several times - My Amazon version won't arrive until November 30 - December 2, so I just may jump over to Target and pick one up today while I'm out and about picking up Thanksgiving goodies.

I like mashed potatoes and Bobby "Borris" Pickett's "The Monster Mash", but I'm very late to the art form of mashed up music, most likely being that (1) I'm too old to go clubbing and (2) I'm stuck in the sixties and seventies with my musical tastes.

From May 2004 - Wired Magazine: "For some time, DJs -- at first in England and later in the United States and other countries -- have been developing a new style of remix, known as mashups, in which two songs are melded together. Often, the resulting track features the melody of one song and the vocals of another.

Until recently, mashups had been the province of underground DJs, in part because those doing the remixing hardly ever had permission from the original artists to do so. Instead, DJs would produce their mashups, play them at clubs and distribute them freely over the Internet."

Mark Vidler aka Go Home Productions is from my understanding the standard in mashed up music ... "producing Bootleg Mash-Ups and Remixes that have achieved a fair degree of worldwide notoriety."

I like Annie Lenox's music, but this mashed up version is pretty cool:
Annie Lennox / The Beatles
All My Birds Click link to play

The Beatles / The Monkees
PaperBack Beliver Click link to play

Glenn Peoples over at Coolfer - a awesome music industry blog has 4 tracks and more info as well.

From what I've been able to sample in the vast universe of mashed up music, a lot of the stuff is very disco for my tastes; there's a lot of junk to wade through and some good stuff as well.

Great! - something else to grab my attention span. Exactly what I don't need...

Any excellent mashups that I need to be aware of ?


jag said...

Pardon my ignorance on the subject - what's the deal with the Love album? I keep seeing commercials, but thought it was Cirque Du Soleil show and had no idea it was a new cd. I'm a huge Beatles fan, but I'm not one who watches album release dates.

Are all the songs remastered or something?

ceeelcee said...

"Love's" been on my Amazon wishlist for awhile now. If only I can get RUABelle to "encounter" my wish list, I'm golden.

The mash ups you mentioned look cool. I'll definitely have to check them out when I'm home from the world of dial-up. the most famous mash up is, of course, Danger Mouse's "Gray Album" mix of Jay Z's "Black Album" and the Beatle "White Album." It's a frequent play on my ipod, but I have to keep the volume down. Not exactly PG13.

I spent today listening to the CD you left in my truck after our road trip. Thanks for the continues entertainment. Let me know if you want it back. Alternately (and selfishly) if you don;t, do you still have a track listing from when you burned it?

Happy Turkey Day, buddy!


Kerry Woo said...

Jag, since I only type seven words a minute, I would be honored to meet you and CB and give you a Beatles CD!

Tis the season to give...