Monday, September 04, 2006

I scare myself...

Having the day off today celebrating Labor Day and being utterly lazy yesterday, I got motivated to do something useful around the house. Especially since I thought yesterday was Saturday rather than Sunday.

I watered some mums that were planted two days ago, rather than depend on the accuracy of the local weather forecaster. My style is once I accomplished something, the task-oriented side of my brain kicks in and thankfully, the body responds.

Since the water hose was out, why not mix up some cement? I patched some steps and cracks in the patio with grout.

I"ve been wanting to rebuild the door leading to the crawl space underneath the house. The paint was chipping, it didn't close right and it was simply ugly. I needed to buy some plywood and 2 x 8's to do the job right.

Although my motivation was in high gear, I didn't have the mojo-vation to go to Lowe's to buy any plywood or lumber. Upon further examination, taking the frame apart and refastening with new screws and additional bracing was all that was needed. After scrounging around the garage, I found the perfect sized plywood - 29" x 27" - that I needed for the door. The amazing thing was that piece of plywood came from Atlanta 28 years ago. I knew it would come in handy someday, someway!

I scare myself.

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