Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Flying Cross Country to Los Angeles

Saturday, I'm headed to Los Angeles to participate in a Summit for a select group of two hundred software developers in the smartphone space across different platforms like Palm, Windows Mobile, and Symbian with cellular carriers and handset manufacturers present. Can't really say much more because I'm under a non-disclosure agreement and I really am looking forward to this trip, so I don't want to be bumped.

Nonetheless, flying over the 9/11 weekend is fine, as I have to trust the system is working at these airports. And it has! I was profiled once in Miami - my luggage had to catch up with me - thankfully as my family and I was headed out for a week long Caribbean cruise.

The last time I flew cross country was on 9/9/99 when my coworkers caught up in the Greatest Scam Perpetuated on the History of Mankind, better know as Y2K warned me that planes would fall out of the sky as the electronics in the planes couldn't comprehend the calibration of 9/9/99.

I'm more worried about other things - like personal comfort and convenience.

The survey of 1548 Monarch passengers was conducted in November 2005. Responders were asked to select the three things that would annoy them the most during a flight - full results below:

78% The person behind knocking your seat

69% The person infront reclining their seat

67% Mobile phone use during a flight

53% Smelly passengers

18% Obnoxious passengers

10% Passengers leaving the toilets in a mess

3% Other passengers music/games

1% Overly chatty passengers

1% Overly amorous passengers

me: When grownups act like babies

And, will I get my exit row seat with the extra legroom on Southwest?

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