Saturday, August 26, 2006

Slo-Mo Home Depot

How would people react if they found themselves surrounded by people moving forward at a different rate or time (or not moving at all)?

Improv Everywhere, an improvisational acting troupe, invaded a Home Depot.

Here's the mission details. "We would sychronize our watches and then walk over to Home Depot and shop. At exactly 4:15 we would all begin moving in slow motion. We'd do that for five minutes, and then shop normally for five minutes as if nothing had happened. At exactly 4:25 we would all freeze in place for five minutes. When that was over we would go back to normal and eventually leave the store."

Amazingly, about thirty seconds before the freezing in place began, the Home Depot PA system started playing Jewel's 2001 hit, "Standing Still."

Funny stuff with videos and full documentation.

This to me is the perfect example of living (and loving) life with a community of folks for the sake of having fun! Cheers!

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