Monday, August 28, 2006

R.I.P. my fishy friends

My three goldfish in my MacAquarium died tonight, forever flushed to heaven.

One jumped out of the top sometime tonight and was found dead underneath the tank. The other two died from being relocated to clean water. I knew that something wasn't right seeing them swim sideways. The toxic shock from swimming in their own crud to cleanliness was too much I suppose.

Gee whiz, I feel so irresponsible. Should have gone with a beta fish.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, fresh tap water has a lot of "crud" (clorine, floride, etc. )in it that can kill fish. After filling a tank with fresh tap water, you should let that water sit for about 24hrs before putting the fish in. You should check with Aquatic Critters on Nolensville road for the all the particulars.