Monday, August 28, 2006

One Knock to the Noggin...

... is my zero tolerance policy.

After a long eight hours of planting three plants... Why eight hours?

1) Gather the tools
2) Pull weeds
2) Dig the holes (avoid rock at all costs)
3) Plant
4) Fill with dirt
5) Mulch
6) Water

and repeat x number of plants.

1) Cut grass
2) Clean up mess
3) Dispose of trash and/or debris
4) Put back tools
5) Call it a day.

Eight hours later, I've gone from one end of the house to the other with a total lawn and weed removal makeover.

This planting cycle happens to me monthly. But the effort gives a good curb appeal, allows me to keep up with the Jones' next door and advances the cause of world peace, because when momma is happy, the whole world is happy.

However, I have zero tolerance for accidently walking into tree branches six feet off the ground. Makes the old noggin hurt and is embarassing when others start laughing. So off with those limbs!

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