Saturday, August 12, 2006

On my Desk Update (2)

No doubt, it is always fun to have the Nashville bloggers invite us into their lives and even their homes... In the spirit of my previous post about the On My Desk blog - - Kathy T, CeeElCee & Michael Ashby stepped up with their entries.

Now the infamous Rex L. Camino has opened the behind the curtain / once in a lifetime / VIP only / private tour of his "inner sanctum" where creativity and wit flows.

You can actually go back in the Way-Back-Time-Machine (no DeLorean needed) as "the Rexroom resembles my college apartment". It's actually very orderly - I don't see any "messy" in sight.

Speaking of "messy", here's a website to visit since we're riding along in the Way-Back-Time-Machine from 6/23/2001 - Messy Desks.

Monster dot com even has an article on messy desks here. By the way, has anyone out there ever known anyone to get a real job via Monster dot com or did I buy into the Monster myth aka Y2K?

Check out the claims from the article regarding messy people versus neat freaks:

56 percent of women claim to keep their workspace organized, versus only 42 percent of men.

Northeasterners are more organized than their Western, Central and Southern colleagues; 59 percent of them keep their spaces streamlined, versus 50 percent of those in the Central US, 48 percent of Southerners and 46 percent of Westerners.

See the latest updates at the On My Desk blog


Here's a what if - WHAT IF the Nashville Blogosphere dared to reveal their desktops? Who would not want to see the desks of blogging luminaries by the likes of:

Miss Brittney, Rex Hammock, The Tennessee Chick, News Coma, The Nashville Knucklehead, Busy Mom, Sista Smiff, Sam Davidson, Mr. Roboto, Christian Grantham, Big Orange Michael, Salem's Lot, Jag @ I'm About To Be Brilliant, Kat @ Just Another Pretty Farce, Chris' My Quiet Life, Lindsay's SuburbanTurmoil... the list goes on...

Are you a messy or neat freak? Inquiring lurkers and anonymous commenters want to know!


Rex Hammock said...

you happened to catch me heading out of town, but I'll be back in the office Tuesday and will post a photo of my desktop. I'm rather clutter averse.

TNChick said...

I posted a photo for ya this morning...

newscoma said...

I'm pro-clutter as you can over at Chez Coma.
Thanks for asking me to participate. Sorry it took me a bit of time.

newscoma said...

As you can see.
Long day here.

Linzie said...

Interesting to see how sharing you desk is taking off all over the place :) Thanks for the link!