Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My prediction for QB Billy Volek...

The Tennessee Titans are going to chase off quarterback Billy Volek in the same dishonoring fashion they did with Steve McNair with the signing of veteran Kerry Collins to compete at the QB position. Clearly Billy can't catch a break, having turn down an opportunity to back up Michael Vick in Atlanta years ago to eventually inherit the Titans starting position.

The Titans front office bring in Collins to provide veteran backup and to "coach" Vince Young. However, Collins has made it clear that he doesn't intend to be a backup. If he quickly grasps the offense, look for Collins to be the starter while Vince Young steps into that role next season.

Billy Volek according to Sports Illustrated's report:

The six-year veteran was given the starting job when Steve McNair was traded away in June. Now Volek doesn't sound very happy at the prospect that he hasn't done enough to earn the job despite throwing for more yards in his first 10 NFL starts than any other quarterback since 1970.

"I guess they want a quarterback who's perfect in every throw and every read, and that's going to be hard to find," he said. "I guess they're unhappy with my production. It's hard when you're only getting a quarter a game.

"And when you get two quarters in a game last Saturday against Atlanta and throw for 140 yards and they're still disappointed in you. I don't quite understand it. Like I said, it's out of my control. Everyone knows I like to push the ball down the field. That's what I'm good at."

I have always thought that Billy Volek would polish his stats with a one year audition to increase his appeal as a starting QB for a different team next year. Here's my assessment: Billy will be gone (along with the hefty salary) or ask to be traded very soon. Teams that he could land at?

Adam Schefter provides reports and commentaries via NFL.com and he writes about the state of quarterback needs / status around the National Football League:

"Now that the Jets have named Chad Pennington their starting quarterback for the regular-season opener at Tennessee, the questions shift to which will stick to the roster.

How about all? The Jets are so spooked from losing as many quarterbacks as they did last season that they now are expected to carry four quarterbacks on their roster -- Pennington, Kellen Clemens, Patrick Ramsey and Brooks Bollinger.

Maybe it's a smart decision, too. If the Jets were to cut Bollinger, chances are he could sign with a quarterback-needy team, such as San Diego, Indianapolis, Cleveland or San Francisco. But the Jets aren't going to give any other team that chance. They intend to carry four quarterbacks, even though it will cost them another player at another position.

San Diego's roster is loaded with talent. But its quarterbacks are loaded with inexperience.

The Chargers top two quarterbacks, Philip Rivers and Charlie Whitehurst, have thrown 30 combined NFL passes. With A.J. Feeley cut earlier this week, the Chargers will turn to Whitehurst as Rivers' backup.

San Diego intends to scour the waiver wire after the final cuts for a veteran quarterback, but even then, there are no assurances that the Chargers will sign one. They might, but they might not. For now, the plan is to have Rivers start and Whitehurst back him up.

Clearly the Chargers aren't the only team seeking more quarterback help. On Aug. 29, the 49ers cut veteran Jesse "The Bachelor" Palmer and claimed Gibran Hamdan off waivers from the Seattle Seahawks. Hamdan was an NFL Europe all star, and he's one of football's real good guys. But now the Niners need him to be a real good quarterback."


My prediction: Billy Volek will end up at Oakland or San Francisco as a starting QB. I just can't see him as a Titan anymore.

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MIster Lee said...

I agree about Billy. Say I have the spirit of Olive Stone, bbut someting is being Bar-b-qued at LP and something has been cooking since preseason, and with the owner coming in this weekend, it wasn't so much a deal for him to promote an employee, but to have a skull seeion with his coaches. Enter Kerry Collins, three qb's someone is getting voted off the island, I'm afriad the odd man out is Billy