Friday, August 18, 2006

Microchipping your pet

In honor of National Homeless Animal Day, you can have your pet microchipped at Nashville Humane Association.
August 19, 2006
Cost is $20.00 including registration
213 Oceola Avenue in West Nashville 37205
(behind Sprintz Furniture on White Bridge Road towards the Charlotte Pike intersection)
(615) 352-1010

Answers to some common questions:
The microchip is smaller than a grain of rice.
It is just like getting a shot and does not hurt your pet.
The chip is inserted between the shoulder blades.
It is administered by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
No appointment necessary.

Without a voice, without a tag, he may never find his way home.....

I adopted a stray dog while commuting in Raleigh, NC and it was a bit nerving to be unable to find the owner of this sweet dog:

I looked for any sign of her rightful owner at nearby apartment complex and grocery store bulletin boards, newspaper ads, neighborhood signs and Craigslist; even called local vets in a 25 mile radius and asked anyone I encountered while walking this dog. If only Bijou (given name) had identifying tags or a microchip! Fortunately, she has a loving family back in North Carolina.

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