Friday, August 04, 2006

The Latest ChangeThis Issue is out...

ChangeThis is creating a new kind of media. A form of media that uses existing tools (like PDFs, blogs and the web) to challenge the way ideas are created and spread.

Here are the latest manifestos!


POLKAS, PYROTECHNICS and POINT Ds: Pieces and parts of Seth Godin's new book, small is the new big.

by Seth Godin

Here's just a sip from Seth Godin's latest book, small is the new big, a plentiful well of inspiration for your business and you.



by Lisa A Maineiro, PhD and Sherry E. Sullivan, PhD

The twentieth-century linear career model, of rising to the top of a corporation and being a big, fat, ethically unscrupulous power-monger is dead. Mainiero and Sullivan show you how to create a stunning new Kaleidoscope Career.


BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY: Why an All-Consuming Campaign to Reduce Unsustainability Fails

by John Ehrenfeld

John Ehrenfeld proposes a radically different conversation about sustainability, one that moves away from mere problem solving, demands a new definition and envisions infinite possibility.


GETTING OUT OF EMBED: The Role of Social Context in Decision Making

by Michael J. Mauboussin

Decision making is an inherently social exercise. Here, Michael Mauboussin details three shocking psychological experiments that reveal just how another's action or opinion can profoundly change your own.


WEB 2.0: Strategies and Lessons for Business Leaders

by Troy Angrignon with Nick Kellet, Gary Ralston, Ean Jackson, Matthew Fessenden

This inclusive manifesto will introduce you to the principles and concepts of Web 2.0, so you can prepare your organization for this technological sea change.


How to Create Transformational Experiences

By Charles Halton

What does it take to change the world? To change people? To make a difference, every day? Charles Halton presents 18 characteristics to help you create transformational experiences.



by Debbie Weil

The what, why, and how of business blogging, by business blog expert, Debbie Weil. Originally a limited release, this critical resource guide is available to you once again.

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