Thursday, July 27, 2006


CeeElCee has titled our BBQ support group that meets at the Mothership "Porkapalooza". So when you hear "Porkapalooza", that's blogger code for "You need to see daylight, go eat some pork".

Remember the old Stockyard Restaurant print ads back in the 90's in the Sunday Showcase of the Tennessean? "Seen and Heard at the Stockyard" was the caption; judges, old time Nashville types, etc., etc. spotted eating at the steakhouse would have their name in print. Sort of the ole name dropper thing - like I'm doing ... "Kerry! You ole Name Dropper You!" except it's the "Seen and Heard at The Mothership BBQ" version. Even the Nashville City Paper is hip to what's going down.

Chris Corley, the bass-player-who's-dating-my-daughter-Megan and I were privileged to dine with SistaSmiff who brought her #2 son; besides Burger King's Superman, he's into Mothership ribs (and loves his momma).

CeeElCee's friend Fishwreck dined for the first time at the Mothership...

as well as his friend, the JagerBomber aka The Intern Indexer.

Met the lovely RUABelle who's going to influence the next generation of kindergarden kiddies in a week when school opens up. I have such high esteem for teachers... as seen here with CeeElCee.

Last, I finally met Nashville's favorite aunt - AuntB - and Betsy (sorry I didn't get the blog name) and ...

while leaving, waved hello/goodbye to Blake. I didn't want to interrupt his lunch as he looked like he was negotiating a big Video Blog / You Tube deal. Best to look impressed and move on.

I had to rush out and wait on the plumber to show up. As an update, Lowes is doing the install of our new 50 gallon hot water heater for $175.00. While eating my pork sandwich, I got a estimate from another plumber (via CraigsList) - $675.00! I guess some plumbers just need one sucker a month to live comfortably.

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SistaSmiff said...

I don't guess it's very obvious that his momma loves him, too.

Thanks for taking this. Not very many pictures of me with any of my kids.