Thursday, July 27, 2006

Live Blogging, anyone?

Has anyone out there ever done any "Live Blogging"?

I'm headed to Atlanta this weekend with 120 guys from the Nashville area on two buses for a Promise Keepers conference and was examining the challenges and logistics.

As one of two assigned photographers, I'm budgeting 900 photos per 1 gig SD card.

At least a photoblog or Flickr set is done.

The upside is that I'll have plenty of content to use iDVD on the Mac to generate some really neat presentations set to music.

Back to live blogging - Obviously having a laptop or wifi device like my Palm LifeDrive is needed...

Is it a pain to do?

Is it like doing a play by play except I'm typing and shooting photos?

Is is too much like being a newshound / cub reporter?

I recall Six Meat Buffet liveblogging a yard sale, which was kind of a novelty.

And Engadget liveblogged the Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld 2006.

Except they had a crew: "We've got our crack team on the case: Engadget keynote sharpshooter and bestest buddy Paul Boutin on keys, Editor-in-Chief Peter Rojas and Engadget Splunker Patrick McGovern, Jr. on snaps, and Managing Editor Ryan Block editing and posting."

I need a crew. But that's not the VJ way.

Does anyone care?

Do I care?

It's 1:00 am - so why am I'm even thinking about this when I got to buy a hot water heater in the morning, meet some bloggers at the Mothership BBQ for the Thursday BBQ support group (11:30 - join us), install the heater, pack and head out for a mini party later in the evening.

Good night.

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