Monday, July 17, 2006

One Man's Scrap...

... is Another Man's Project.

One of the neat things about Craigslist is the free stuff that is available. People are always dumping things that have some value to someone else. Moving boxes, furniture, TV's, sofas and other items are always available. It's the online version of dumpster diving.

Of course there is the misguided attempt to cloak something as "FREE" when in reality the ad should be under the category of "HEY SUCKER!" like this listing:

FREE WOOD - We have a Tree that needs to be cut down and you can have the wood!

Anyway, I got some free scraps of treated wood fencing left over from a fence installation and as advertised, the lengths were 2 to 3 feet in length. So I drive up near the Ashland City exit and loaded up the back of the van - twenty minutes tops.

Long story short - over the weekend, I turned the scrap fencing into a planter box to accent the length of my new shed. Here 'tis:

The concept behind the planter is to keep the grass out of the dirt, so the boxes (plastic milk crates) are elevated off the ground by 2 x 4's running the length of the fencing (to hold the crates). I used scrap 1 x 6" to screw the fence planks in line. I then stapled to the 2 x 4 frame landscape fabric to catch any dirt from the openings in the crates.

If I wanted to clean out the plants or dirt, I can simply pull out one crate at a time. The fencing encases the eight crates which are 13" x 13".

In goes the potting soil and transplanted yellow iris and FREE blue iris from Craigslist.

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Why, Wonder're so handy.