Monday, July 17, 2006


Hitchhiking is a mode- of travel and of thinking. Imagine the possibilities... -- Morgan 'Sal'man

You've seen them on the entrance ramps to the highway. Scruffy looking guys with the thumb out. Hitchhikers. I would think the odds of catching a ride would be greater on the main highway, but the state po po might get them.

I use to thumb a ride all the time when I was in high school back in 1968 to 1972. I'd miss the transit bus or just didn't feel like walking the three miles without at least sticking out the thumb. Being in Richmond, Virginia - home to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) - (hippies and commercial artists) the vibe existed for hitchhiking. Never had any incidents, but I did end up dating a girl in the summer of '72 coming back from a Traffic concert from William & Mary University. Jimmy, Willie, "Sweat" & I saw three gals hitchhiking. "Jimmy, stop the car! Stop the car!" I screamed. Three freshmen from VCU jumped in the car. But something was wrong with this picture. Jimmy, "Sweat" and a gal in the front; Willie, me and two gals in the back seat. So being the quick thinker that I was back then, I suggested getting cokes for the hour and half drive back to Richmond.

After we left the 7/11 store the seating arrangement was much better. boy girl boy girl in the back. Me and Linda B. Our mutual love for Traffic, shiny black hair to my waist, and being an all around nice guy who could talk about music and art led to Linda B. and I to start dating everyday for the summer. We hung out so much that her grades plummeted and that was the end. Her parents must have put down the hammer.

Amazing how the brain can recall something 34 years ago. Be spooky to find her on MySpace which I won't do.

I would never pick up a hitchhiker these days - she might look like Daisy Duke with 'em short shorts and all, but it will be bad news - either a Metro prostitution sting or she's packing a pistol. Either way, I'm dead or really dead.

And even if I had a pick up truck, making a scruffy old guy sit in the back of the bed is somewhat demeaning as well. I would think a Greyhound bus ticket can get you somewhere cheap enough. O Lord, don't get me started on Greyhound buses.

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