Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm a Hot Toe Picker

Speaking of being HOT here in Nashville, I spotted a second billboard in the Cartoon Network series.

I pooted (I 40 west at the 46th Avenue exit in West Nashville)
I'm a Hot Toe Picker (Briley Parkway South past the Ashland City Exit on the west side of Nashville)

Has anyone spotted these billboards in the Nashville area?

Clowns Hate Tangelos
Shiny Shiny, Pretty Pretty
and... I Have a Meat Beard.


SistaSmiff said...

I have yet to see any of the billboards, however, this is my life. #2 is forever quoting this show...."My boogers itch." ~sigh~

jag said...

Pick my hot toe.


Rachel said...

"Shiny Shiny, Pretty Pretty" is along I-24 W inbound from Murfreesboro. I can't remember exactly where, but it's before Harding Place.