Sunday, July 02, 2006

Digging holes (no fun intended)

One of the drags of planting flowers and schrubs here in West Nashville is the all too familiar sound of "clink" when the shovel hits the sound of rock 2 inches down in the dirt.

So I start poking around with the shovel and pretty soon a massive rock is uncovered...

Not that I'm building a pyramid, but using wood planks, chains, a 8 foot pry bar and a pick up truck... one can eventually extract the big rock out of the ground. I can't imagine what those Egyptians went through!

Here's one of five that I have pulled out of the ground - if you're not careful, you can yank not only the rock out of the ground, but the transmission clutch on the lawn tractor, so it's best to use a pick up truck for the pulling. It's times like these that I wish I had a bobcat in my shed.

Gotta go dig some holes, head to Walmart or Home Deport for dirt and build some planter boxes for the iris. That's my assigned 4th of July project!

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