Monday, July 03, 2006

Clean this (really good) crap up!

After years of piled up (really good) crap * by the garage door, Mrs. Wonderdawg exercised her freedom of speech this holiday weekend. Sufficently motivated and after relocating the stuff to its proper place, I power washed the metal door.

Ready to prime and paint, I remembered a great tip from Tricks Of The Trade:

After opening a new can of paint, use a hammer and a slender nail to punch holes about an inch apart around the bottom of the circular groove around the can opening. The lid seals on the sides of the opening, so any paint that drips into the groove will flow back into the can. This makes it much easier to open the lid the next time (as it won't be glued shut) and reduces drips on the outside of the can when the groove overflows during painting.

It works!

* (really good) crap defined:
Two large tubs of purple iris to plant by the new shed
Four bags of hardwood mulch
One Homer 5 gallon bucket and brush to wash cars with
Four coffee mugs
Plywood "tables"
Lawn chairs for relaxing
One container of tarps
Another container of misc. basketballs and soccer balls
Jumper cables
Half filled gas grill propane tanks
Pump sprayer
Two useless 55 gallon plastic drums obtain during the Y2K global scam of January 1, 2000 perpetuated upon mankind

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