Monday, June 26, 2006

Where would you work?

Rob ask a great question -

Question: If you could work anywhere for the knowledge or experience for three months, where would you work?

Criteria: It's not about the money, it's about the experience or knowledge that you receive by working there.

Rob's response:

Starbucks - I think it'd be cool to learn and understand the thousands of types of coffee, how to make them, and what they are all about

Panera Bread Company - Again, I think it would be cool to learn how to bake and make all the different kinds of breads and pastries

NFL Sideline Photographer - To develop my photography skills in an environment that I love!

Yahoo's Strategic Planning Group - I don't know if they really have one, but it would be so cool to be part of a large company playing 'catch-up' to Google, yet leading in the social marketing area (as a portal).

My response:

A fine woodworker's shop; better yet interning with Norm Abrams from New Yankee Workshop to hone my skills as a carpenter learning from the best.

Lowes/Home Depot or Best Buy so that I can buy everything at cost! Electronics are great, but power tools is where it's at!

For an NFL team breaking down film and stats to create a game day chart.

Lego as an inhouse designer.

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Besides working in a coal mine, what say you?


Alsicole said...

Hey Kerry

Since becoming a Mac user 3 months ago, I'd say working in an Apple store. How cool would it be to work around such great technology all day, and be able to enthuse about it too!


Kerry Woo said...

Yes and maybe a no... it's still retail! But then again, the clientel is a cut above, people know what they want either in a iPod or MacBook... and the help is very friendly.

Alsicole said...

I've always enjoyed retail. My family were market stall traders and I worked there on weekends and during holidays as a child. My first proper job out of college was at the HMV Record Store in London's Oxford Street, so I have fond memories of working in retail.

I think the main essence of working in a store is to be interested in what you're selling, that what you'll be knowledgable and enthusiastic, so the customer will get a good experience and so will you.