Monday, June 26, 2006

Catch the wave of Passion '07

Previously in Nashville for 05 and 06, Passion 07 moves to Atlanta, Ga. The dates for this event are Jan. 1-4 2007. Passion 07 is a collegiate conference for students age 18 - 24.

"More than an event, Passion is a movement. And the heartbeat of Passion is the glory of God--specifically, a generation of students living radically for His name so that campuses awaken to His Fame. But if we're honest, phrases like "living for His glory" can become quite empty, void of real meaning and detached from the reality of our lives. Words are easy. Life is hard. Marking our lives count for what matters most is a worthy goal, but a serious proposition...a concept that must be thoroughly absorbed and embraced if our lives are going to be shaped by and for His renown.

That's why Passion exists, and why Passion is gathering this generation in Atlanta for Passion '07, January 1-4, 2007, where thousands of students will merge from across the nation and around the world to sink their hearts into the confession of Isaiah 26:8. First wrapping hearts around what it means to be satisfied in Christ, we need to excho the fame of the Satisfier in everything we do."

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