Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lunch encounter at the Mothership

What are the odds that not only can one convince the wife to eat BBQ, but to encounter three bloggers? Only at the Mothership which is rapidly becoming the center of the universe of the Nashville Blogosphere.

SistaSmiff, BusyMom and CeeELCee were in da ship. We gather for a group shot, but blogging courtesy and ethics prevent one from posting actual photos in order to perpetuate the myth that bloggers are terribly shy and never leave the computer.

The brief encounter was fun and since I will be back for more delicious BBQ, I've added links to the right side of bloggers I have dined with at the Mothership category. Could it be that similiar to my 100 Blogs in 100 Days project, I could actually break a rib with 100 local bloggers?

I can show you this real live encounter: a new video blog ( where "In this episode Bethany visits Mothership BBQ in Nashville. Mothership is unique in that owner Jim Reams has relied primarily on grassroots media, specifically blogs, to promote his restaurant."


SistaSmiff said...

'Twas a treat and nice surprise to meet you and your Mrs. today.

ceeelcee said...

I hope you'll be allowed some repeat dining partners in that "100 ribs" deal. Holler when the craving strikes again.