Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Curious Heart Emporium

On the way back from the Mothership BBQ in Berry Hill sits a brightly painted yellow building that houses the Curious Heart Emporium.

The front yard is a whimsical and eclectic yard art lover's dream come true. Not only is there a mothership with aliens, yard art of turtles, giraffes and hearts lining the sidewalk entrance, but inside is a overwhelming smorgabord of little knick knacks, folk arts and crafts, art deco items, collectibles, nostagia items and even a room with funky Christmas ornaments for sale! For a moment, I thought I was visiting a museum of someone's life long personal collection of cool stuff!

I asked the shopkeeper, a delightful Kathy Corlew "...did all of stuff once belong in your house and you decided to turn it into a shop?" Kathy replied that she goes to markets to find all of the items for sale. The Curious Heart Emporium is a must for finding that unique gift when a mall simply won't do. If you must, think of it a high class Spencer Gifts minus 95% of all the junk and vulgar crap that won't wind up in a yard sale at reasonable prices.

After looking at hand crafted birdhouses, fridge magnets, Jesus air fresheners for the rearview mirror, business card holders and a few other items....

...I purchased for $20.00 a Napoleon Dynamite talking doll which is now proudly displayed on my desk for comic relief.

The little town of Berry Hill is full of surprises - good BBQ, an emporium worth revisiting... I need to get out more often.

Curious Heart Emporium
2832 Bransford Ave
Nashville, TN 37204-3102
(615) 298-7756

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