Monday, May 08, 2006

New Cartoon blog worth looking at -

Duck Dodgers has a real love for classic cartoons; thus you should stop by and take a look -

This blog is intended to support the love and rediscovery of Classic Theatrical Cartoons from the Golden Age of Animation but with an eye on modern productions as well as on tv animation!

What I don't understand is the many frame to frame image posts - I did try to scroll fast using the roller ball on my Mighty Mouse to create a flicker effect; I suspect Duck just wants us to appreciate and savor the artistry that goes into each frame to deemed the cartoon being a "Classic".

Check it out - lots of good stuff - visit and support his labor of love for the Classics from Tex Avery, Norman McCabe, Bob Clampett, Terrytoons, Ren and Stimpy and many more!

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