Monday, May 08, 2006

iPod owners get free classic cartoons Images

Cartoon fans looking to get some classic laughs on their iPods or computer on the way to work can now download a batch of free public domain cartoons courtesy of American website

The America website has launched a new daily vintage cartoon video Podcast called ReFrederator.

The free series features classic cartoons including characters such as Bugs Bunny, Mighty Mouse, Daffy Duck, Betty Boop, Little Lulu, Porky Pig, Donald Duck and Felix the Cat, along with fairy tales and musicals.

Each daily update will feature a short cartoon and the five per week will be grouped into weekly themes.

The first week of films has a Mother Goose theme. Fleischer, Iwerks and Freleng are just a few of the pen and pencil giants spotlighted in the sites first batch of golden goodies.

The shows are available through iTunes or via the company's site at and users can opt to have the latest episode automatically downloaded to their computer just like a Podcast.

via Pocket-Lint

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