Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thinking Outside the Box

Two posts down (I'm Not Feeling Lucky With Google), DiamondKT, as promised posted the answers to the Google interview questions. "I think part of the weird question style is to throw the person off, but it's also to see if you can "think outside the box" and how creative you are."

Question one:

1. Solve this cryptic equation, realizing of course that value for M and E could be interchanged. No leading zeros are allowed: WWWDOT - GOOGLE = DOTCOM

Answer: 777589 - 188106 = 589483 or 777589 - 188103 = 589486

Put your brain to rest on the other six questions with the answers here. Great post... the answers do make sense... only you're thinking outside the box.


Michael said...

Love the image you chose for this post!


Thanks for the plug. :)