Monday, September 19, 2005

How to Read Less More, and Twice as Fast

How to Read Less More, and Twice as Fast

I have a ton of books to read, and have gravitated to reading eBooks as it gives me the flexibility to view books on my Tungsten Palm or my preferred Tapwave Zodiac.

Gregory Koukl advises to how master a book by previewing, reading techniques, double your reading speed in one step and finding the time to read.

Example on previewing a book -

  • Get a sense of the book in 5-10 minutes.
  • Read jacket copy, contents, skim preface & introduction, read conclusion (last 3 pages) and skim the index. Note publisher and date of publication.
  • Quickly page through the entire book at the rate of 2-3 seconds per page.
  • Determine if you want to read the book more thoroughly, give it away, or file it for future reference.

There's much more here


Howard Tomlinson said...

That sounds pretty good for a reference book... but I'd hate that for a fiction book!

Part of the enjoyment I get out of reading is not knowing the ending (indeed, I can't stand spoilers!)

I do often flick through a new book to get a sense of the writing style before buying, and maybe read the first 2-3 pages. Reading faster isn't a priority for me though :)


To really read fast, you could always cheat and pick up Cliff Notes. ;)