Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hey consumer... I command you...

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A corporate command is an advertising message in the imperative, such as JUST DO IT, GRAB LIFE BY THE HORNS and HAVE IT YOUR WAY.

The Institute for Infinitely Small Things uses the Corporate Commands collected here to conduct research performances in public space. The Institute attempts to enact, as literally as possible, what the corporation instructs us to do in the location where it instructs us to do it.

Today, I am going to open my wallet, be a good consumer and obey the corporate command to:

Expect Something Extra
Take a sip. And taste a legend.
Relax. Go Nuts.
Enjoy uncertainty.
Do More, Feel Better, Live Longer
Wash. Dry. Fold. Give.
Grow. Achieve. Thrive.
Awake the serpeant not
Take home a pie for the holidays

So what are you doing today?
Corporate Commands

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