Thursday, September 22, 2005

Day 22 of 100 blogs in 100 days

Here on Day 22 of my quest to visit 100 blogs in 100 days, I dug beneath the hood of one my favorite blogs 800 CEO READ - which I'll write about that great blog tomorrow since they are next door. There is a guy who helps to pull some of the levers behind the curtain. His name is Todd from Milwaukee (yeah, yeah cheesehead / Packers fan) and his destiny in life is to plow through a lot of business books while endeavoring to stir up interesting conversations about what is going on in business. A Penny For... is where he hangs out.

Todd says,

"I have always found the dynamics of business very interesting. Psychology drives in the interaction between customers, suppliers, and employees. Science and discovery fuel innovation. Art becomes the basis of great design. You can find all of the great human endeavors.

As I started with, I think there is an interesting conversation here. I want to talk about issues and opportunities facing business. My idea is to create a community with a lot of different voices and tap into the vast knowledge and experience that community.



Interesting? We'll see."

Todd is like the faithful bookworm who swings by the library or Barnes & Noble on the way home and tells you about a great business book that he came across, or a wisdom nugget from a leader or marketing guru. Sounds like a good guy to hang out with at lunch for 2 hours.

On his sidebar, Todd has links to business blogging and interspersed throughout are links to various business resources. Last for me, there's a kindred spirit - Fast Company... check... Dee Hock... check...relationship management... yup... jazz... working on it. Todd, you have exceptional tastes!

So deposit yer two cents worth here and get a dollar back - this A Penny For... blog and all the subparts are worth your time if you're serious about improving your business serve.

Thanks Todd - U DA MAN.

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a real life girl said...

thanks for visiting my blog - even if it was just to boost numbers :)