Thursday, September 29, 2005

Giving thanks to Lynnette and Jim

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I would like to give thanks to God, my wife and childrens, my posse and the big dawgs in my life for this award - God Bless! Thank you Lynnette and Jim for being gracious hosts of Tennessee Bloggers

All the best blogs in Tennessee. Period. Exclamation point. Pound sign. Funny squiggly thing. recently wrote:

Kerry's is an interesting blog.
He writes what he's passionate about -- knowing that, directly or indirectly, he'll connect with others that are passionate about the same things.
He sees his blog as an opportunity to enter into a dialogue, read, understand, listen, and see life speak all around him.
According to Kerry, you'll find "no politics, rants or cussing, but rather positive, faith based postings."
WonderDawg is a refreshing read, largely about the positive things in life, and rarely about the negative. Check out all the GOOD news...

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