Thursday, September 29, 2005

Day 29 of 100 blogs in 100 days

"Musical Appreciation" The Art of Steve Hanks

Day 29 of visiting 100 blogs in 100 days -

We all love our music - from the time we were rocked in our cradle to lullabyes... I remember those early parenting nights rocking my son to sleep when the only song I could coherently sing at 3 am was the National Anthem. Nowadays, we rock out to our iPods, computers, MP3s, surround sound, some smoky music venue, whatever radio throws our way and even dare venture out to other types of music found for example on Jack FM or Lighting 100.

We all have memories of hearing a great tune and that sense of "discovering" a song or band that no one was aware of - or before a performer's first LP ever released - for me, is was the Allman Brothers, Alice Cooper, Robert Palmer, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen...

I would be remiss if I didn't share with you my "musical find" - aurgasm. This blog by Paul Irish reaches in our own backyard and around the world and simply fishes out musical gems - you have to be adventurous and very open to sample musical offerings from various categories; some that I never knew existed - japanese turntablism // traditional remixed, singer songwriter //indie folk, afro-cuban // cuban son, funky house // french house, conscious hiphop // old-school, folktronica // indie electronic // post-rock...

Paul also takes the time to explain each selection, provide a little research and photos as well - You'll will feel right at home on your PC, listening to great tunes while taking an online music appreciation course. Paul explains why he is so passionate about music:

aurgasm brings to you an eclectic menagerie of aural pleasures. I scout out music you've never heard and deliver only the finest. Expect music curiously different, yet simply enjoyable. I want music to move me. I listen to how it sounds and consume how it feels. I want it to groove my soul, wrench my heart, nod my head, or fascinate my brain. The exceptionally distinctive sounds I hear are the ones you'll see on aurgasm; they'll resound inside you as well.

This music is here for evaluation purposes ONLY.That's what I want you to do: eval-u-ate: try on this music for size, see if it fits you. If you enjoy it, learn more. Explore the artist, delve into the genre. Take an active approach in finding music you love. Only you can find what you love. Immerse yourself in it. Buy the CD. Go to the show and meet your favorite artist afterwards. Tell them their music changed you. Support the artists whose work you adore. Be passionate about music. It'll love you back.

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