Saturday, September 10, 2005

Day 10 of 100 blogs in 100 days

Day ten of visiting 100 blogs in 100 days -

Wow, I'm tired... didn't know that heaving bags of donated clothes, sorting toiletries and stacking cases of water would wear me out today as I was sorting through the donations for Katrina at my church this morning. Should have known better as generally I don't lift anything heavier than a pencil (that's what I tell people to avoid significant heavy lifting!)

So here it is at the eleventh hour and my favorite blog for today is Sharon Cobb. Her byline reads: Political and social blog. Wait... stop right there... From my blog surfing, 90% of political blogs are rant filled, finger pointing, Bush bashing, spit spraying yell fests... so I sort of scan them and while I try to apply the "Help Me Understand" approach; the expressive nature of constantly using the "F" word to drive home a point just turns me off....

Fortunately for me.... her blog delivers more - "We will also include book, movie and cd reviews. Polls, interviews, opinion pieces and humor will be sprinkled around, too. That all being said, just remember this: All you need is love. Everything else is just commentary."

Now I did take the time to read through Sharon's blog and while I don't agree with everything she writes, the blog features engaging writing and is civil as well... Must be her journalism background... and also via our what-were-top-five-cdscassettes-comments on Tangled Up In Blue, a great music blog that I mentioned on Day 7, Sharon is not only a night owl, but has impeccable musical tastes (like me)!

As a bonus, visit and read the story of THE FULL MANGLER... good stuff! Cobb County... nice pit stop in the blogosphere.

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Sharon Cobb said...

Hi Kerry,
Naturally, I was up when you posted this! Nocturnal forever...
I was at the Aussie festival at Centennial Park earlier, and met John Hutcheson there. Katherine couldn't make it, but John and I managed to be quite critical of the music there. Everone from TUIB should have been there!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I think I am actually harder on liberals than I am on conservatives...and I'm a liberal. One thing I've noticed since I started blogging, and that is other than the obvious, there is no difference between the far left and the far right. There is much more we can accomplish if we focus on the things we agree on, and agree to disagree in a civilized manner when we can't.
Thanks again for dropping by! Hope to see you soon...especially over at TUIB...John and I are the old ones around there without you. ;)
Peace and love...