Wednesday, August 31, 2005

WWL-TV blog / Video coverage of Katrina

WWL-TV has a running blog and live streaming video here

7:59 A.M. - Suzanne Parsons: St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office - 2,186 in public shelters in St. Tammany and number is growing.

7:49 A.M. - Governor Blanco: Four Navy ships headed to New Orleans with food and water.

7:38 A.M. - CNN report...another attempt will be made to sandbag the 17th Street Canal.

7:24 A.M. - Slidell Mayor Ben Morris: Electricity is six to 12 weeks away.

7:06 A.M. - Governor Blanco wants the Superdome evacuated within two days.

6:57 A.M. - Governor Blanco: "Absolutely necessary" that the Army Corps of Engineers drop sandbags into the levee breach.

6:50 A.M. - Sen. Landrieu: The whole parish of St. Bernard is gone.

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