Wednesday, August 31, 2005

100 blogs in 100 days

The books you read and the people you meet will determine where you are five years from now ...

I am impressed with how the blogging community is coming together to dispense critical information with the plight of the homeless and displaced in the aftermath of the Katrina Hurricane.

As I read the various blogs, I also get a sense of the goodness of people from the various diversity of blogs out there in the blogosphere.

So taking my cue from others on the web, I want to read / visit 100 blogs in 100 days - it's simple - I don't have access to an recreational vehicle to traverse the country or the world, but I want to visit 100 blogs in 100 days starting tomorrow September 1. Just send a comment with a recommendation of the blogs that you read and why I need to visit, including your own - I promise to visit, stay a while and like a good guest, write about my visit and thank you via email and a link for your hospitality. In fact, I'll create a 100 day sidebar with a link of all the blogs I visit.

Please no porn, spam, rants, politics and angst - I looking for "GOOD NEWS" blogs that reveal what's going on in your life, your dreams - because I want to capture your thoughts that inspire, affirm, encourage, build up and speak life!


Anonymous said...

A few of my favorite: pioneer of internet blogging - great collection of hyperlinks a cool approach to a father's keeping track of quantitative data associated with his newborn baby girl's life

Also, any of the blogs listed by Times as the "50 best":,8599,1072872,00.html

My personal favorite is a "directory of wonderful things" indeed

Anonymous said...

oh me! oh me!

I don't know why really, I think you'll enjoy some of it though.

Op-Prime said...

I have to let you know that you inspired me. I just started a new blog that I think fits your criteria so while there isn't much there, at least you know you inspired another to start an uplifting site.

Kerry Woo said...

Thanks Michael for the nice words - Good to visit you on Day 1 - with your long commute, there is a lot of good in the world - don't let it pass you by!