Thursday, July 14, 2005

NHL Hockey is back - a whole new game?

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Hockey is back! But after an absence for one season from the least popular major sport and no television revenue, can hockey reinvent itself?

Sports Illustrated's Michael Farber writes:

"But a return to a robust product is hardly assured. The wounds from the 1994 baseball strike lingered at least four years. While the hardy coterie of hockey fans, as blindingly loyal in their way as NASCAR fans are in theirs, might drag themselves back to the arenas more quickly, there is no guarantee. The thing that brought baseball fans back to the park was offense, specifically home runs in that synthetically muscular summer of 1998. The template has been established. The same kind of thing could kickstart the NHL, which is what makes the impending rule changes -- scheduled to be announced next Thursday after both sides ratify the agreement -- so critical."

All About a new NHL

Extreme Makeover - NHL Edition

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"The [Nashville] Predators say they won't decide whether to lower ticket prices until all the details of the new collective bargaining agreement are ratified by players and owners next week.

A number of Predators season ticket holders elected to hold on to their tickets through the lockout, as the organization offered a 3% rate of return on their deposits. That plan remains in effect and those fans will keep their seats.

Predators officials also said they plan on rewarding loyal ticket holders in other ways. They will have their names inscribed on Predators pucks that will be placed in a "Wall of Fame" inside Gaylord Entertainment Center, will receive Predators game jerseys and are likely to be invited to an increased number of meet-the-team functions."

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