Friday, July 15, 2005

Great news for guys! and men too!

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Finally! For us regular guys (and men too), we can line up to preorder the DVD and enjoy Dave Barry's new movie "The Complete Guide to Guys" adapted from the book.

A hearty brew of documentary techniques, vignettes and non sequitur absurdity, Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys looks to quench humankind’s thirst for wisdom about that separate strain of homo sapiens known as guyus erectus. Beginning in prehistoric cave days – showing the link, for example, between streamlined hunting implements and the dawn of sports – we travel through time to probe the vast mystery of guyness. The examination goes deeper than the subject itself, moving past such foibles as leaving the toilet seat up and not asking for directions, and delving into guys’ obsession with sports, electronic devices, sleek cars, ultimate tool kits, and, of course, the body part that controls their every thought and move.

From all over this great country we also hear from women on the street, all kinds of women with lots of things to say about guys, not that it does any good. Because let’s face it: Guys aren’t about to change. A thousand years from now they’ll still be obsessing over the latest hovercraft at the dealership or cheering their favorite team on the Holo-Sim. And if there’s any comfort in continuity, there you have it.

Dave Barry says: “Think how much happier women would be if, instead of endlessly fretting about what the males in their lives are thinking, they could relax, secure in the knowledge that the correct answer is: very little.”

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