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Podcasting and Internet Evangelism

Girl Listening to a Radio, 1998
Jonathan Janson (USA) Oil on canvas; 15 in. x 14 1/4 in.
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Podcasting and Internet Evangelism

As I am understanding the unfolding world of Podcasting, blogger Nick Ciske has a shared appreciation of using technology for God's purposes. For instance, his church podcasts its weekly sermons. Nick provides his workshop notes on Podcasting and Internet Evangelism: download PDF.

Of note "Godcasting" is rapidly being used as a platform for churches to reach an audience in a relevent way. For example, Reverend Tim Hohm has only 100 parishioners in his local church in El Sobrante, California, but has an additional 1,900 people listening to his Godcast, some as far as Belgium and Vietnam.

Although it's new, I'm convinced podcasting will transform the way many people consume media, just as blogging and TiVo have. When you can program your own radio station, carry it with you any where and pause and restart it at will, who needs mainstream, advertising-supported broadcast radio?
Michael Bazeley Knight Ridder Newspapers

PODcasting will shift much of our time away from an old medium where we wait for what we might want to hear to a new medium where we choose what we want to hear, when we want to hear it, and how we want to give everybody else the option to listen to it as well.
Doc Searls

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