Saturday, June 18, 2005

Finger Licking Chicken

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My dad Wei Hong Woo, was a four star banquet chef at the Washington Hilton for a number of years before returning home to open the Silver Moon restaurant in Richmond, VA (where I grew up in a family of seven).

My dad was a hard working man of honor and for fifteen years commuted between Washington, DC and Richmond, VA where Mom raised us. We never had worldly luxuries, but as you can imagine we always ate well and late during after-the-restaurant-closes hours. I didn't know that midnight spreads of shrimp, pepper steak, egg rolls and other Cantonese cuisine was abnormal. Probably explains why everybody in my family are night owls. As a lover of fine foods and even buffets, my daddy always said wait an hour to go swimming after you eat... which is why I don't know how to swim!

To add to that, never go blogging before lunch; thanks to Larry & His All Vinyl, All The Time blog, I'm starving for some KFC chicken!

Listen to this great song!

A. Good to the bone (ok)
B. Moan inducing (hmmmmm)
C. Really kickin' (I hope not in the literal sense)
D. Finger Lickin' (of course)
E. Worth pickin'

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