Sunday, June 05, 2005

Blogging: The X Files (the truth is out there)

Here's a round up of X Files blogs while surfing the web in between television shows filed under: Eye Candy, Thanks for Sharing!, Bizarre and um hmm ok yup ok, hey I gotta run categories.

Ian's Portfolio
Ian works as an Engineer designing toys and collectibles for Action Performance Companies Inc. in Tempe, Arizona.


Let me give everyone a little advice on roasting a young suckling pig. This is something I do quite often at the hotel, I work at, for our banquets and private parties. However, before I do that, I will give you my understanding of what a suckling pig is. It is my understanding that a suckling pig is so named because it is still breast feeding. This does not mean that these pigs have to be little Arnold Ziffle size pigs. As a matter of fact, most of the suckling pigs I roast are about 40-50lbs. - Good Eats

Now after being on drive thru for 2 hours, you start to go brain dead. you also start to be much less careful with how you treat your headset. so when you bend over to grab an extra large cup that has fallen to the floor (that was filled with cream and sweeter by the way), the headset falls off. and the batteries fall out. no big deal right, you'll just take the orders on the other headset. - aimless rambling

I look in the mirror and don't even recognize myself anymore. It's been a couple of months since a haircut and I am shaggy; combined with the fact that I don't even try anymore, the resultant hairdo is some kind of crazy bedheaded-surfer-troll look. My face is doing strange, hideous things because of stress, and I have been wearing the same clothes (two jeans, five shirts) for the past couple of months. I think I could pass for a homeless person better than I could pass for myself. - Kind of Blue

World View:

Whether it's world hunger, marketing problems, or marital issues, blogging is the solution. Posted by Hello
- The Chronicles Of Mohammad.Abdulfatah

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