Sunday, May 22, 2005

What to Do at Meetings instead of Meeting

Brian Hampton is the associate publisher of a trade book imprint at Thomas Nelson Publishers. I just ran across his company encouraged blog and he writes a cut-to-the-chase posting on the new rules of What to Do at Meetings instead of Meeting. He writes: "I’ve put together the following list of best practices for making the people with whom you are meeting feel unimportant and making yourself look completely unprofessional."

(my biggest gripe!) Use your BlackBerry (or laptop, if necessary) to check your e-mail. When you’re finished, ask two or three questions about issues the rest of the group has already discussed. Remember, you are an important person, and they can recap the entire meeting for you if necessary.

Obviously, the list of things you can do instead of paying attention is endless. Use the tips I've shared to get started. Eventually, though, you'll just know instinctively what to do at meetings instead of meeting.

Click here to read the other five rules.

I am assuming that Brian must be a no nonsense guy to work for; at least his meetings are efficent! Thanks Brian for an excellent post.

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What I do most in meetings is try and think of some new excuses to get out of the NEXT meeting. ;)

Kerry Woo said...

What is the worse is someone who prepares a PowerPoint presentation with tons of copy versus the 4 bullet points and then proceeds to read them line by line. PowerPoint water torture!