Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Joy of Tech! and Geek Culture!

The Cult of Apple Posted by Hello

Finally! The Joy of Tech! - a site where geeks rule and there is no shame to be a geek or a geek-wannebe. Tons of content and fun stuff to perpetuate one's lifestyle choice of no life outside of physical interaction or escaping momma's basement. So why do I have a wannabe kinship with this site? Check it out for yourself while I go outside for some fresh air...

While you're there, vote in the poll:

What aspect of the Cult of Apple is most likely to brainwash you?

The software.
The hardware.
The combination of hardware and software.
The iPod in particular.
Their places of worship.
Their leader.
Comics such as the above.
I am immune to Apple brainwashing.

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